FME Scandinavian User Conference 2010

Over 110 FME enthusiasts, lots of presentations, great conversations with FME users and Safe guys, FME 2011, good food and of course So you think you can FME. That’s what happened in Malmö, in FME SUC 2010. Thank you Sweco, thank you Safe, and other organizations and participants!

Ken and Dale did a remarkable job with presenting FME Server, CAD <-> GIS use case, and FME 2011. Ken and Dale gave separate presentations, when previously Don&Dale have given the main presentations together. I guess some hyperventilation was reduced in this way. Ken pointed out some top challenges people face when moving between CAD and GIS worlds. Styles, valid geometry, and valid attributes. It was also interesting to hear that when Safe went to this one GIS fair, they had CAD and GIS words on their posters for the first time, people were stopping by their booth a lot more than previously. CAD to GIS is still one of the main largest needs for data transformation. And FME does CAD and GIS transformation well!

FME 2011 is going to be awesome! I have already used the beta, but I didn’t really know all the new stuff, that Safe’s been working on. FME 2011 has inspection point functionality. You can set inspection points to any link, and really see what features go to the inspection point. It’s really handy to use for debugging. It has a window, where you will see the feature, and below it has the feature attributes. You can even set rules. For example, if you know that certain type of features are sensitive for crashing, you can make the inspector stop to first one of those type of features, and you can check, why it crashes. Clever!

I’ll try to post more of the conference later, when I get to see the presentations again. I lost my notebook there, and I need to through the presentations again, and hopefully I then recall the visions and ideas that I got in the conference. Stay tuned.



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3 responses to “FME Scandinavian User Conference 2010

  1. Mark Ireland

    Hi Lassi – I’m planning to do an FME Evangelist post on the inspection points sometime in January. It’s one of those features that is so important I need to make the post around release time.

    I have upcoming posts planned on:
    – New predicates in Tester
    – New Formats for 2011
    – SchemaMapper updates
    – Published (and private) parameters
    – FeatureReader transformer
    – Feature Inspection
    – etc, etc

    • Hi Mark, I’m looking forward to read your post on the inspection points. I commend you for explaining, why a new FME feature is important.

      FeatureReader transformer sounds interesting too. And of course new formats for 2011.

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