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FME 2011 launched!

I’m a week late with my blog post about FME 2011, but it doesn’t make FME 2011 shine any less. During the week after the release, I’ve been trying to understand, how Safe Software does it. FME 2011 is a very big release amongst earlier releases. It takes spatial data crunching to a whole new level. It’s easier, faster and has a lot new transformers and supported formats.

As I’ve found when reading blog or magazine posts about the launch, lots of them mention FME 2011 point cloud support to be one of the most important new enhancements. I agree. Lidar is now going to be mainstream or is already. This means very good times for FME. Read more here,, how Dale Lutz describes the new point cloud support. He says point clouds are “misbehaving rasters” actually. He says adding raster support point helped them in adding point cloud support.

I’m also very happy for the Rest support for FME Server. Now it’s much easier to integrate FME Server to already existing web services.

Rest of the enhancements can be found here:

Last but not least, FME 2011 World Tour starts from Vancouver and tours around the globe in 25+ cities. The events are free! That is indeed very generous. More information:

P.S. Now it’s time to start spamming Safe Software with new enhancement requirements.. 😉



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