Real time bus visualization

Some of you might know that you can publish real time data to FME Server as a KML Network Link, and then visualize data in Google Earth. Safe Software ( has this really great real time taxi demo:

It generates taxi locations with a Python script, and FME Server is used to stream the locations and visualize them in Google Earth.

While I was fiddling with the demo, I throught, could this be used for visualizing buses, which get real-time passenger information, for example current number of passenger. So, I downloaded the demo Safe provides, and started modyfying it.

Modifications included creating 3D features from each bus location, and extruding each feature by number of passengers. Also, the number of passengers is visible on top of each feature with the bus number, for example, 111 | 30, where 111 is bus number, and 30 is the number of passengers.

The bus data is real time data, and is updated in every second. FME provides a really easy way to handle real time data, and publish it to applications such as Google Earth.


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