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Inspire: Part I

Inspire Directive's Weird Logo

This post begins my Inspire series. The series contains general information, what is Inspire, and when it happens. I won’t go too deep into details and the law text of the Inspire directive, which could easily make my few subscribers press the unsubscribe button.


As some hawk-eyed readers might have noticed, Inspire is a directive meaning that it is a legislation for which EU members are bound.  It is also an initiative to create a European SDI. It aims for

  1. better coordination between government agencies,
  2. more effective usage of spatial data sets,
  3. and diverse services for citizens.

The directive itself  can be emphasized in following keywords: interoperable spatial datasets, exchange of spatial data services, their joint use availability in various levels of governing and industries. If we bring the keywords together in one sentence, it might look like this:

“The directive’s aim is to enable exchange, joint use, and availability of spatial data sets, and services associated with this information.”

Spatial Data sets

There are 42 spatial data themes to which the directive is applied, and they belong to 3 Annexes. I won’t list them here, you can find them in the sources.

Whew! Time to have a deep breath, yes, just like that. This is needed before going to metadata.


The agencies that provide the spatial data sets should provide their metadata and attach it to the services. Metadata includes descriptions about the data the agencies make available. For metadata enthusiasts, you might want to check out this document: http://eur-lex.europa.eu/LexUriServ/LexUriServ.do?uri=OJ:L:2008:326:0012:01:EN:HTML


This is the end of the part. Part II will tell you, what are the methods to implement this, and what a moon (what an earth is too often used, so I use moon instead) are the services, which should provide the 42 data themes?! Stay tuned.






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