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Inspire: Part II

Having written about the basics of the Inspire initiative, it’s time to write more about the means by which Inspire will be implemented. Before that go through this short review of the last post:

Inpire in short:

  • Inspire defines several spatial data themes
  • Governmental Agencies will provide their data that belong to a theme
  • The data is provided with metadata
  • Online services are needed for data acquisition


There are several services that are defined:

  • Registry Service: Provides the data specifications and their data models of spatial datasets from Download Services for users to browse.
  • Discovery Service :Enables the search of spatial datasets and services with metadata. Also enables viewing metadata.
  • View Service: Enables viewing spatial datasets on monitor, and several map view functionality.
  • Download Service :Enables download spatial datasets and their subsets to your computer.
  • Transformation Service :Enables transformation of the spatial datasets to Inspire defined datamodels. First it will apply to coordinate transformation from national coordinate systems to European ETRS89 coordinate systems.
  • Invoke Service: Enables invoking the web services.

The services work as interface services, which means that agencies are not required to create client applications, just the interfaces that the client applications use. In the following picture you can see the services, metadata, spatial data sets, service bus and applications.


  • ISO: ISO 19101:2002 Reference model, …
  • OGC: GML, WFS, WMS, …

Not too hard, wasn’t it? Part II was mainly for shortly presenting the web services. In the following parts of this series, you’ll see more of the services. It’s actually my favorite component of Inspire.

Inspire defines several web services: Registry, Discovery, View, Download, Transformation and Invoke services.


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